well, i just found out i need new brakes on my bronco...... so this is comin up.

yea- i built it. it has a jackson neck, custom painted jackson body- and jackson FR, as well as emg 81/sa/60 pups- 3 on/off toggels, and 1 vol/2 tone wiring.

its a really good guitar- a couple of small scracthes n dents in the finish- nothin major. it has a 22 fret neck on it right now- but it was made for a 24 fret- i just extended the 22 fret neck so it would inotate properly.

i was thinkin 450 shipped in the us

i will also set it up with any strings you want, and any tuning.

i prefer m/o, as i can put it directly into my back- but paypal is good as well. i have many good feedback on ebay- and 5-10 on ug.

get back to me- kiegon

id also sell just the body- w/o the neck for 350 shipped- as if soemone wanted a 24 fret neck to put on this thing.
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That's a beautiful guitar...

So it's only a 22 fret? Is there a gap between the neck and body, I can't tell for sure with the pictures.
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^ there is not a gap. if you look in the first pic- i installed a piece of maple directly to the neck, and redrilled the wholes on the neck so it works. the new piece fits quite snugly , better than most factory fits imo.

and yes it is a beautiful guitar