how do I take the volume and tone nobs off of my guitar so that I can take the pickguard off. and also how do I take the tip off of the 5 way selector switch. I do not want to break my nobs so please help
I think you just pull them, but I could definitely be wrong. I know I've seen guitar techs just pull 'em off before though. Hope that helped a little
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you just take a flathead screwdriver and pop them off. just take your time and work the screwdriver all the way around the knob and you'll be fine

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on some guitars, the knobs and switch come off with the pickguard, so you don't have to remove them first. if not, do what ian4444 and ImNotSmart said.

edit: here's a picture, it's not the best , but as you can see, the pots(the part the knob turns, incase you didn't know) and switch are still attached to the pickguard
You don't need to take the knobs off to remove the pickguard.
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