I've been playin guitar for a year now, mostly electric cause I wanna ROCK! but who doesn't? but anywho, when I started playin I learned like maybe three scales most to just get my fingers more accurate..since then I've learned a few children of bodom songs and a few other odd end songs..but I don't wanna just look at a tab and say "hey ok that's where I go" I wanna learn actual music..where do I start in learnin how each note sounds and learn to put a rythm in my head onto my guitar, all I've learned I'm at wits end, I wanna go further but I'm self tought and don't know what's next, any suggestions on a guide line or a plan to go by? I'd much rather learn theory, scales, and where a note is when I hear it..but yet again, where do I start?...does that make any sense???
buy a book.
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