Okay, so I'm a poet/songwriter, and I've hit the biggest mass of writer's block I've ever had. See, I wrote a song a few weeks ago called "Listen" which was about the end of the world, and everyone told me that my writing ability has become very mature, but here's the problem, I can't seem to find a way to top "Listen". Like, I want to be able to write about things that are more...matured than what I used to...and I've just hit a massive writer's block. If anyone out there can help me out, I'd really appriciate it.
Stream of consciousness writing works for me; I wrote this great thing about songwriters writing for themselves and the fans and how its a double edged sword and all that jive; i just started with "I'm trying to write this song" or something low-key, works pretty well. If you're a good, creative writer you can take any phrase and just build a song around it, like "the pools of her eyes" or something supposedly "deep" like that, you know? Works like a charm for me.
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look for an inspiration. females, politics, whatever floats your boat. also, if you could post the lyrics to listen i would appreciate it.

Listen to the silence
Can you hear the soul that gathers here
Listen to the screaming
Can you see the fears that gather here?

Speak unto the wind
Can you feel the presence here?
Scream upon the rain
Can you feel his distant tears?

People of the earth, can you hear the call?
Listen to the wise man
Your punishment is coming
Brought by your own hand

Stand upon the lies of a winter past
Fall upon the truth of a supernatural clash
Can you hear the wise man's call?
Warning you about the end to all

Days when you don't feel the same
Days of earthquakes and hurricanes
Days when the unbreakable break
Days of confusion, in the ashes of the wake
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for cureing writers block i usualy sit down with a piece of paper and write literally ANYTHING that come into my mind, if im thinking" i can't think of anything" then i literaklly write " i can;t think of anything" until i think of somthing else. Usualy you write one thing that makes you think of a bunch of toher thing that all have a relation then it;s just a metter of picking some good ideas and re=wording them and re-organizing them. but yeah hope that helped

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