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Ugh.. I just got my haircut today.. And it's effin horrible... Has got to be the worst haircut I've ever had... I wish my parents would let me be me... They just had to put their fuucking noses into it.. I mean.. Christ's sake.. I'm almost 16, and they still want to run every aspect of my life...

Don't you just hate overbearing parents and horrible haircuts? =(

It's better for them to care about you than to not care at all so stop your whining. Luckily my parents back off when it comes to my hair, I haven't cut it in like a year, I think.
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ahh i hate getting my hair cut
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There is 2 weeks between a good and bad haircut.
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Dude your parents are gonna control every aspect of your life until your like 20 (i.e: My sister) 16 isn't as old as you think.

i havent gotten my hair cut in like 3 years....... other than getting it like trimmed in the back, cuz when i dont i get this mullet type thing and it pisses me off
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Yeah I got a shitty haircut Saturday. She took off twice as much hair as she said she would.

But on a humorous note, at the hair place there was a woman named Titi. Lawl
My parents forced me to get it cut untill I was like 18, although it was pretty long before then anyway.
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.
I haven't cut my hair in over two years now

Honestly they won't back off if you don't work at it

You may have to confront them.
My mommy cuts my hair, .
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Sorry to hear that, the only thing I can tell you is that my hair is perfectly fine.
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**** dude my parents made me get a buzz cut kinda thing 2 weeks before grad. in most cases the 2 weeks IS the difference b/w a good and bad haircut like that guy said but in this case it was not. i dunno man just shave it off yourself and hopefully your parents are against that?
I uhh, don't understand the whole "there's 2 weeks between a good and bad haircut" thing.. lol

And, I know it's not that old... But they definitely were nowhere near like this on my brother... It's all his fault.. And my mom's gotten "religious" since then... But it's not stuff like this.. Like...

Embarassing Story Time

This one time.. After band camp... About halfway into marching season.. We went on competition trip.. And stopped at a mall on the way for lunch and to kill some time... And in the middle of the mall.... In front of hundreds of people... My mother motions for me...

I walk over, thinking, "Hey, she's just gonna tell me not to forget to remember to get back on time." I get to her, and talk... She holds up a toothbrush, "Go in the bathroom and brush your teeth. . ." (note the ellipsis I used.. SHe went on a whole rant and rave) in the middle of the mall... It's been a year and a half, and still, people make fun of me for it...

End Of Story Time

There's so much more though... =(

And to the "It's better for them to care about you than to not care at all".... I would honestly rather them not care.
yea i f'in hate that.

sometimes i feel like "yea.. my hair is getting way long.. i should get it cut"

but then when i actually do... it looks amazingly worse.

guess any retard with a pair of scissors can get a degree to cut hair

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i smell pics

my friend..kinda my friend
we're going shave half of his head at his b-day party
cuz he has long hair and its gay looking but he still thinks its great,
it will be funny

I hope he presses charges cause that's a fucking retarded thing to do
HA you guys think parents forcing you to wear your hear their way is bad i gotta deal with them and my football coach...i gotta shave my head for football next season...its so damn hard to be athletic and a metal head at the same time...
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hahahha Gard had to brush his teeth in the mall HAHAHAH
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+1. This man knows his ****.

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Sorry to hear that, the only thing I can tell you is that my hair is perfectly fine.

Haha unlucky. My parents let me grow mine, and they hate it when it's short anyway. so hey, works for me. My 11 year old brother grows his too, and has been doing it for about 2 years now
Ay, I hate haircuts. Worse is the fact that my hair has stopped growing, so I force myself to get trims hoping it'll improve.
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Well if they insist on getting your hair cut just say you'll cut it yourself. It's pretty fun to cut your own hair anyway.
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Okay.... Here's a picture of the haircut... And this is me before.

Pretty craptacular. =(

Are you kidding me? I thought you got a buzzcut or something, that's nothin.
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i like everything being about 4 inches long except when the back of it gets all long and nasty, i trim that
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I'm the one that wants to get haircuts, my parents let me have my hair however basically, but I'm thinkin about starting to grow it out now.
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I got a haircut just to get a trim... She cuts 6 inches off and cuts my bangs to look like Michael Angelo Batio, is was terrible. It's back to its original style now w/ no bangs.
My parents controlled what haircut and clothes I got until 6th grade. I grew my hair out and wore whatever shirts I wanted. I need to get a haircut soon because if I let it go too long the bangs don't go down, they go off to the left so it looks like the sides of my hair are really long compared to the front. Not there yet because I got the sides cut shorter last time.
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No it makes life easier. And I love horrible hair cuts. The best thing is waking up in the morning, usually i'm all like a zombie and stuff but then when i look at the mirror i'm like HAHAH hwen I look at myself, so ya, u can't do that if you have a perfect haircut, if u do, ur mising out on life man, laughing is better than drugs
Why Would You Bump This! This Is Five Months Old! His Hair's Probably Grown Back Already.
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