I've been listening to blues lately. My son bought me a slide. I am experimenting with it. Anyone know how much pressure to apply on the string... all the way to the fret board or not? Suggestions? Thanks in advance
all the way to the fretboard? You should barely be putting any pressure on it.
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I've rarely used a slide, but I would assume you have to put just enough pressure to make the note ring clearly, so about as much as you would apply with your fingers normally.

that's just my guess, don't listen to me until someone smarter comes along and agrees with me or gives you the correct answer
Agreed sounds better when slight pressure is used. thanks. Still open to suggestions!
I use one all the time and also I only use light pressure or there will be lots of excess noise.
good luck!
Yeah, you shouldn't go all the way down to the fretboard. The point of a slide is to give you a continuous glissando up and down, so putting it all the way to the frets kinda destroys that.