ChaCha is a search engine where you have someone search for you. Its for those who are really lazy, and bored.

The point?

Post funny conversations of course!

Here is mine:

DeborahK: Hi there!
You: yeah, hey
You: I'm looking for matthew
DeborahK: What kind of information can I help you find.
DeborahK: Matthew who?
You: Matthew, my son, have you seen him?
You: I lost him 5 years ago in a florida...
DeborahK: No.
You: I miss my matthew
DeborahK: in a florida what?
You: Disney world
You: He was hugging mickey...
You: and then...
DeborahK: And you just now started looking for him?
DeborahK: Quit playing games on ChaCha.
You: He wasnt that important
DeborahK: Thank you for using ChaCha!
Status: Session ended

I'm sure all of you can come up with some good ones.

Harrassment or advocation of the harrassment of other websites is banned. Hence why the last thread got closed.
It's been done before several times but that was a pretty unique convo. Most are usually about buttsecks