has anybody seen Coheed and cambria's DVD .. the last super: live at the hammerstein ballroom..? if yes .. does anybody recognize the acoustic claudio plays during Wake Up... is friggen sweet.. and i would like to know what it is.. thanks.
wish i would've seen this thread earlier! my buddy has this DVD and i just came from his apartment. next time i'm over there i'll throw it in and see what he's playing.

or... if you have a DVD player on your computer, pop the DVD in and take a screen capture of him with the guitar and post the picture here.
wow, those guys suck, he sounds like a chick but hes fat and has hair like side show bob. very weird.
^-- yeah you use the print screen button. then open microsoft paint and go to "Edit" and then "Paste" and it'll paste your screen capture into a bitmap. then just save it.