hey guys, ive had this mic for a few years now and ive never really had any problems with it, with the exception my garage which i know is not grounded properly. i was using it at school today, and when i pressed my face into it a got a crapload of tingly shocks from it. if i touched it with my finger first, the shocking would stop for a little while, but come back. i switched cords, and it gave one more big shock, but basically stopped afterwards. im pretty sure that its because of either the cord or the building being improperly grounded, but i jsut wnana make sure that theres nothing wrong with the mic internally...
We don't care, we find your injuries funny, therefore we are not going to help you.
I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I got shocked by a Shure Beta 58 but it was fine later, but i did switch mics. It should be fine.