Anyone else got one of these? Do you like it?
My parents bought it for me as a present a while back. Its got a real blues/rock natural od, the amp itself. Im sure I will greatly appreciate it when Im older.... But anyway for now I own a marshall guv'nor pedal so i can play what I like, had it for ages, need to update! And when i plug that in i seem to get a hell lot more gain from the amp when on?? Anyone can tell me why? And also when i get the volume, with the pedal on up to about halfway i start to get over the top feedback, any way to minimise this? Anyway tell me what you think of the amp...
Awesome classic rock amp. Metal? Awfull. The reason it feedbacks is because when you push an amp alot they begin to feedback.
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Do you have any clips of the VC-30? I was looking into buying the VC-30 last year, but there are no Laney dealers anywhere near me. So, I couldn't try any out.
Amazing amp, won't get much gain from it, but it's not made for tons of gain.
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Sorry I dont know of any clips of the amp. Im sure there would be some on the net though somewhere!