hey whats up. Im looking to get a non-overpriced but good guitar. my maximum to spend is around 300-350. i was considering some strain of epiphone or esp but that isnt my point. Ive checked yellow pages for guitar stores and found a few but Im wondering if you guys know of any in the nyc area. like, either on the hudson line of metro north or in brooklyn. any help would be great. adresses and information on what they sell (though i can figure out WHERE just if there a good place or a samashish place). Also if they have a website that you know that would help.
but really, any help, even just a name or an indication of a name would be extremely helpfull in the age of google.
thank you so much.
My first guitar was a Epiphone Les Paul Special II.. Around 250 canadian.. without tax.. try www.epiphone.com and look around..
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Epiphone Les Paul Studio

350 I think?
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thank you for the help, i was looking at an epi les paul studio (i think i saw one at around 300). But what Im really looking for are guitar stores, as id like to shop around to find the lowest possible price before getting anything (and also try out guitars i have not concidered).