hey, i dont know if i can really explain this properly without a picture of an example of what im talking about but i'll try to explain it my best anyways.

basically i am having trouble with a timining issue. so basically here it is.

i play two full eigth notes (a,g#,f#,e) then there is a tie with a half-eigth note (e) (don't know if thats the right terminology) then what follows is a dotted quarter note (e). so can someone help me with where the beats fall into place? also a dotted quarter note means one and a half beats right? and this is all in 4/4.

The "two full eigth notes (a,g#,f#,e)" is actually four eighth notes, and they get the one and two and count, then the "half-eigth note (e)" is actually just one eighth note gets the three count, and the dotted quarter note gets the and four and count. I hope I explained that clearly.

"also a dotted quarter note means one and a half beats right?" yea
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