i wrote this text, i dunno if you can call them lyrics
Its quite long, don't blame me, blame the brainz.
Feel free to criticise. Read the whole text please.

What the hell is this?

All pain has abandoned my body; the pain couldn't hold the pain any longer. When somebody looks at me they can only see the pieces but for these pieces there's no glue, what is done can't be turned around the hate is so intense breaking everything in front of me.
I keep on marching but this road won't end
I keep on marching but this road won't bend.
Everything is taken away the switch is turned off but it can never be turned on again. The light dies but no one is ever going to see a thing. All you can do now is keeping on marching the road.
I keep on marching but you aren't there.
I keep on marching but I don't have any feet.
Through the darkness I keep on screaming, I keep in screaming but nobody can hear me. The road shakes and its telling me: "don't scream don't dream I'll shatter it all and you'll never be again.
You just have to keep on marching that's all you got to do because you haven't got any purpose because I took it all away. Whatever gives you light and strength I'll crunch it and you'll never speak again and she'll never hear again because all you can do is write but she won't read it even if you write a 1000 pages. You have to keep on marching since there's nothing left to live for all that will be left is bitterness and hatred and of course a hollowed out place in your heart where she used to be. She is gone now she didn't miss you at all she only watched and you screamed. You're a fool I tell you! How can you beat me, my hate and darkness kills all hope within a second and I am the ruler and you are so small but you and your love are pissing me of. The things I did to you, I thought you'd be dead by now, but you're standing here in front of me and now it's my turn to cry. I can feel it stabbing and burning the darkness fades away" and I feel, in the end, there is light there is plenty of light and I can see the light returning. Is it coming towards me or am I coming towards it? Am I considered crazy because I feel she's here? Is it me or is the darkness only a fake reflection of what Is not there but still you can feel it, it is everywhere without even knowing. It's eating you alive and you do not even know that until it is all over, when you're begging for mercy and crying it to stop but I won't stop, it won't stop, it won't ever stop. Once it gets you it sucks all the life out of you and what's left is the green and light-blue capsule that used to be me, I hope you're satisfied now. You destroyed everything only darkness is left and nothing can be done to undo that now it's too late. You should've known that before you started. Let me kill everybody except for her or let me be killed by her and nobody else. I can see it all now, but it's too late anyway it's way too late, when there's nothing left anymore she will be there and the light will return no road left only freedom and the freedom to make a road who will lead to you and only to you and peace shall return and there will be roads again, but no roads that lead to nothing, only roads that lead. And you of course, you'll be the dead end of my road that helps you out. You'll be lost how you're supposed to be lost and then you will find it like I found she and you'll never be lost again but you will be as one and feel her like I feel her. She is lead and I am cupper together we make gold because we feel the gold and you will be there standing and you will never understand why but it's like that and you will never have a clue but we know what we have to know that's the only thing that matters. Nobody else but you and I can do that but when metal oxidizes nothing can be done. There's nothing left to do but make you comfortable and nothing can make us fall apart into a thousand pieces because we got that glue and the road leads. So there's nothing you can do about it. The light only shines here and you can only listen here, but you do hear it and you respond. Nobody ever responded like that before but my lips are trembling and you make it quiet. It's so quiet even the darkness is jealous. They can't touch you, nobody can and nobody can touch me but you. You're welcome and I can see the end. But that's only the beginning and I can see the light but it is growing and I tell her: "this is the end" and she tells me: "yes, it is the beginning'.
I think this song is absolutely AMAZING, though you could break it up into more than one song =]

Yes, I AM a girl, thanks for asking!
wow. a lot of good ideas here, for sure. like kittycatk said, you could break it up into songs, but I was thinking along the lines of multiple songs that could go together like a story, since it all kinda fits together.