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Cd Player
4 20%
Ipod Player
16 80%
Voters: 20.
Hey guys, alright...so im getting my license on wed. and im stoked. But i cant choose whether to just get that whole Ipod setup thing to get put in the car so i can just listen off the ipod, or Get a stereo/radio/cd player in....

Because the car now doesnt have a cd player...so you guys choose...

CD Player


Ipod Player
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i would say ipod because theyre portable and cd players are goin outta style.
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well...you could just get an iRiver so you can listen to your ipod...cause it'd cost A LOT more to put in a stereo system. My dad has an iRiver all you do is just plug it in the lighter thing and find an empty frequency and there ya go

EDIT: er...cd player whatever
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With the players you can get today you don't have to choose, you can get something that plays cds in audio OR .mp3 format that you can also plug an mp3 player into, or use a itrip or something and tune to the station.

Edit: And just cause your road test is on wednesday doesn't mean you're getting your license... my first test I drove perfect and this terribly mean old lady failed me, the second time I took the test this nice lady passed me even though I messed up. Good luck though.
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I failed my first time too. Apparently when parallel parking you can't straigten the car once you're in the spot.
Itrip sucks ass. It doesn't work that well and it rapes your batteries. And you have to turn the deck way up because it's so quiet, so when it ****s up you hear these gigantic screeches n shit. I really hate it.

If I could do it over again I'd get the IPod dock thingy, in fact I probably will eventually.
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just get a stereo that plays cd's and has either an auxilliary port or a specific spot for your ipod..they make them for ipods and cd's alot...
if you have a cassette player in your car I would suggest getting one of these it's worked great for me for the past few months, the sound quality is great unless your cars speakers aren't that great.