So I recieved a project today which is a large percentage of our grade this semester. We need to choose an important figure in american history. And I was thinking about doing a musician since music interests me so much and it would be a paper I would actually enjoy writing and researching.

I was thinking about Pete Townsend, of The Who (although English he had a significant impact on US rock). Since he/they were so influential on so many genres.

I'm a big metalhead, so if any of you guys can help me choose someone that doesn't have to do with Bay Area thrash, I'd be thrilled to hear your ideas. But it would need to be someone that's researchable.

Thanks in advance.
Metallica, Megadeth. = Bay Area Thrash = Dave Mustaine = One of founding members of thrash = Influential American = Your Project = Something we dont care about.
Actually, Mustaine might not be a bad idea. I didn't think of him

I just didn't want everytone going, balblablablabla kerry king blablablablab hetfield or something.
The Beatles shaped America.

Do them
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RB cam RB speaks truth.