For the past few days I have not been able to sign onto myspace. Every time I go to the main page it says "Page Cannot be Displayed." I've tried rebooting it and scanning it, as well as refreshing it, but nothing works. I've also tried links to it through websites that don't block it. Also, I can get onto profiles as long as I type in the URL, but if I try to get onto sign in, it gives me that message. None of my friends are having this problem, so I'd appreciate any help I can get.
Bobbert, one more time and I will casterate you with a stapeler.
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Bobbert, one more time and I will casterate you with a stapeler.

how bout a no
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Can I get some help?

nope. no one cares myspace sucks shit and thats all that matters
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This is the 9th thread I've seen on my 4-5 logins to UG over the last 3 days that has the title "myspace problems". Use the search button before we all murder you.
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OOO originality. Good One!


try clearing your cookies, if you dont know how to do that then your a dumbass.

and also, i atleasdt get some credibitly, as opposed to bobbert, who just ****s with people even though everyone hates him
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I'd help you, but I'm really not getting that problem, and I really don't know what is wrong with yours.
someone probably hacked your myspace. happened to several of my friends when they clicked on those links in the spam bulletins or spam comments from someone else's hacked myspace. sucks for you.
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Its working for me now, refresh it, it should take you the page where it says We're sorry, this problem has been forward to Customer service or something like that..tech support. Click on home on the page, it should take you to the main page.
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This thread is a bit curve-full, as in it has lots of curves, but no point.