i got a new half stack recently (line 6) and everytime i have my floorboard pluged in (ax3000g) there is a little distortion when there is not supposed to be. it works fine when im pluged straigt into the head........ any ideas how to fix it?

help appreciated
there is noise reduction on the pedal, and a noise gate on the head, ill try those
Why is everyone so quick to say "get a noise suppressor"?

The distortion you have is more than likely the result of the output on the ax3000 being to high. Try turning the output on the ax3000 down, or better yet, you may want to re-tune all of the individual effects within the patch you are using on the ax3000. The idea is to turn down the output levels on each individual effects group so it doesn't distort the front end of the next effects group. You don't want the signal too hot going in to each effects group or it will distort. The same goes for the overall output volume going out of the ax3000 and into the amp. Look up "unity gain" on google and you should be able to read up on the subject. Your tone will improve if you learn and use this concept.
hhhmmm very likely. the output volume on the ax3000 has been up all the way.