On a scale one 1-10 how would you rate the difficulty of the rhythem to Laid To Rest by Lamb of God? I would like to know as i can do about 90% of it and wanted to get an idea of how good i am at this particular song. Ive been playing for a year.
Only you know how good you are lol.

We can't rate your progress if we can't hear you playing
i would aslo rate it a 6. but in how fun it is to play out of 10 it would be a 12
Yeah, I'd say 5. Laid to Rest is one of LOG's easier songs. You said 90% so that means you're having trouble with the ending right? Yeah, it's a pretty big stretch I guess. But practice makes perfect.

Learn 11th Hour man. That song ****ing rules. I'd give that an 8/10 on difficulty just because of the quickness of the riffs. You have to be pretty fast to make it sound clean.
yea 11th hour is also really fun to play... but if you really want to get better play hourglass
yeah the end of laid to rest is kinda wierd. i cheat, i tune my 7 string to ADADGBE so it comes out like this: (also so that when i'm playing drop D the 7th string doesn't ring out as a B, the A is in tune with it)

-5-- ----5-5---5--------5----6------6--6-----------------------------------------------5