Looking for 13 -17 year old a drummer and bass player in winnipeg manitoba...band so far has 3 (2 leads and 1 rythmn) gutiars 2 vocalists and 1 screamer. Looking to play slipknot, system of a down, as i lay dying, metallica...pretty much anything metal.....open to many bands. Guitarists all have expierience of playing in a band
3 guitars and 3 vocalists???

Charvel/Jackson 3B Bass
Jackson CMG Bass
Ibanez BTB575FM 5-String Bass
Vintage 70s Ampeg V9 SVT/ Ampeg 8x10 Cab
Fender Deluxe Blackout Telecaster

Angelus Mortem
The lead guitarist can do vocals, and one of the rythmn guitarists can do vocals. Pretty much 2 of the 3 guitarists can sing