If you had a guitar in your hands while orgasming....what would you play?

high e note?
cemetary gates - pantera?
sunday bloody sunday- u2?

just some examples...what would you play?
i think a bitchin solo in the key of F would do it
when they come for me, i'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearin a bullet-proof vest, singin: "my my my how the time does fly, when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night"
The solo from 'Scarred' by Dream Theater, if you've heard it....you know how awesome it is.
mmm good question. if i was orgasming while playing guitar, id spurt out some mother****ing dragonforce right there....i could probably play through the fire and the flames ONLY while orgasming.....
the Intro to Unholy Confessions by A7X
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i would probably be like picking 36nps on like the 24th fret of the high e string haha...
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Some random open notes becuase I would be too preoccupied with pleasure...
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Do you folks like folk?
i wouldn't, i would sing "you and me baby aint nothing but mamals so lets do it how they do it on the discovery channel"
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any crazy ass heavy metal solo
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on the low string i would proceed to do a slide from the first fret to the last and back again, occacionally holding and treming the higher note whilst kicking my leg out and shaking it like a dog getting its tummy rubbed...
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I am trying to Break your Heart- Wilco

just so that bitch gets what i am trying to do!

Keef-is-king, I ****ing love you. I mean that in the straightest way possible.

I would be playing The Late Greats by Wilco, assuming the guitar has a capo at the 3rd fret.
Probably the superb sweeping solo from The Crusade.
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Orgasmatron by Moterhead
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lol, so i got a boner this one time and i was watching tv, so i decided to hump the little crack between the two cushions of the couch. yeah.

If i was orgasming and I had a guitar, I'd take it and smash it on the chick's head, just to show her that pain is pleasure