ok so i was told to get these pickups for a Affinity Squire Strat.
Neck-SH-PG1 Pearly Gates
Bridge-SH-14 Custom 5

so i want two pickups like these for less cost, are there any cheaper kind of pickup that is still a good pickup?
I want to sound like (grateful dead, phish, Led Zeppelin, etc.)

Thats pretty specific and expensive too, for a Squier anyway. If you are dying for those specific PUPS, buy em. If you want really cheap pups try some in the clearance section or the pre-wired pickguard section.

Then again, theres always ebay.
^Yeah, did you look at used ones on e-bay? I don't know any specific comparable p-ups for cheaper but like most things in life - you get what you pay for. If you use one pickup the majority of the time (probably bridge), it would probably be better to get one good pickup and save up for a neck p-up later, than to buy two cheap ones. Also, check out the Seymour Duncan website for their tone comparisons and sound clips to make sure that is what you want, don't just rely on someone elses suggestion.