I have a Peavey Raptor Plus (cheap starter guitar). How much would it cost at Guitar Center to have a floyd rose put in? i have a broken whammy bar and nut so i figured i might as well upgrade. THANKS IN ADVANCE
Go there and check it out

If ur buying the system it may cost around 250 or 150 i cant remember(black)

to get it installed (they probuly have to cut out the right cavity for it and fix the nut area up) its allways best to buy a guitar with one in it. Just ask the guys down at your guitar center for the best information
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Guitar Center wont do it for you. theyll send you to a local shop to have it done. the shop here will do an installation cheaper if you buy a system from them as opposed to GC.
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it will cost more than it would to get a better guitar tbh. FR systems cost about £100 to £200 over here, and for that you can just buy a better guitar, especially since a peavey raptor isn't exactly expensive
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Not worth it, it'd require a LOT of routing since the Peavey only has normal vintage style trem. Just save your cash and get a new guitar with FR in 'em.
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I was thinking to do the same for my strat. Honestly its a cool idea! But like the other guys stated you have to rout out the cavity for the Floyd Rose to fit in. I dunno if you are familiar with routing or not....but some people(not really recomended) have taken very sharp chisels and files and did the installation themselves.....Look at eddie van halen he is one of them. Anything is possible but for the cash it would cost to get it done somewhere....I bet you can trade your peavey in and take the cash you got and get a decent ibanez with a Floyd Rose type of tremolo unit. You will be way happier that route. But if your gonna get the Floyd Rose ...let me know how it worked out.