Poll: Do you own the pic of Destiny (the actual Pic)
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View poll results: Do you own the pic of Destiny (the actual Pic)
9 30%
16 53%
Never herd of it
5 17%
Voters: 30.
Who here has bought the Pic of Destiny Special Edition where you get the pic? I bought it like 20 mins. Ago and opening the packageing, I was expecting a Dunlop sized pic, but when it fell out holy shit !!! I thought it was going to ****in attack me. !! So point is, do any of you have the cd and pic??
My special edition only came with a holographic cover. Bastard.
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yeah but i regreat all 28 dollars of it... other than two songs that album blowed and the pick is way too thick.
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they sell guitar picks of PoD at spencers, i stole like 3 of em. not that great they're hard to use

You are garbage, good sir. Stealing is a no-no

EDIT: I considered stealing a Stevie Vai cd once. It was $5 at a thrift store. I figured, "They won't sell this shit, five dollars!!! Someone -gave- it away! It's not such a big deal..." I couldn't take it, 'cause I knew I'd feel guilt for the rest of my life. I stole this faux gold key from this bitch in my Kindergarten class, 'cause she was a sadistic **** and it was a gift from her Mother that made her feel special. I still feel guilty.
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I only steal candy.
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I was going to buy one, but my friend got one, and it was very disappointing. I thought it would be at least textured and such, but it was just the design of the pick.

To think, that was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and I liked all but one song on the album.

Shame, shame.
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