Okay guys, does anyone here have ANY experience with ANY of these three boards? Either the Digitech GNX 3/4/3000? What is the main differance between them all, I read alot about them all and I can't COMPLETELY figure out what each one does that the other one can't. Also, it seems the GNX3000 is better than the GNX4, but the GNX4 looks like its bigger and has many more buttons than the GNX3000. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have experience with the Boss GT-8, that'd be great as well! I'm trying to see if I should get a board, and if so, which one. Thanks alot guys.

Theres a vid of the gt-8 on the bnoss website, www.bossus.com
BTW, more buttons doesnt always mean better tone my friend lol. I suggest the gt-8 myself. That can do some great stuff, some amazing stuff, some wierd stuff, and some stuff that will basically scare the living sh1t out of ya lol. Honestly, like, you can switch channels via ur picking dynamics, how wierd is that???????

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all are digital, but boss is the most decent. the gnx series is too digital its like playing with a midi format IMO.. i say boss gt-8. also try looking at the podxt live..

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Howcome you guys both choose the GT-8 over the Digitech? Seems like you guys have a pretty solid reason for it, any info would be great, and anyone who can help me, please, feel free to post :P Thanks!