I was jammin on my peavey windsor earlier tonight and all the sudden it like got half as loud as it was before. I looked in back and all 4 of the power tubes were on and lit. Did one of the preamp tubes crap out or something? Everything still works it just won't get as loud as it was before.
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weird...sorry I can't offer any prior experience here. maybe it blew a fuse or something? I would definetely recommend taking it to a local qualified service center and have them take a look at it before you start ripping it apart yourself.

best of luck with the amp!
Check your preamp tubes. If a fuse went, you would have no sound at all.
Well I had a similar problem....this amp was old as hell though. It was a few years ago that it did the same thing. It happened to be a bad input jack....and some of the connections wrent the greatest. i didnt cost much to fix. have someone take a look.
Anyone else? The amp still plays fine, but it won't get nearly as loud as it should be....any help would be appreciated.
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Well, if it's not tubes or a fuse, try messing with the input jack and try some different cables.
It could possiby be that it isn't getting powe from its cord. the above sound good, too.
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^Yeah, make sure the power cable going to the wall is fully plugged in. Other than stuff like that, I can't really think what the problem might be... 2 of the tubes going out would only result in like a 3db drop, which would hardly be noticeable. If nothing works you should probably take it to a tech.
Have you tried a different cable? A similar problem was fixed with a new cable for me.
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Are both powertubes glowing orange? 1 of them might be going and its messing with the total voltage.

Take your preamp tubes and swap them all around. Put no tube in the same place. See if that does anything.
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Alright thanks guys I'll try out all of your advice this weekend
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In case anyone else is wondering or experiencing the same problem it turned out to be a tube. I still had the tube warranty on the amp so I brought it into a tech who replaced it for free.
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