okk so like im trying to make riffs for like metal songs..........and they all keep coming out like a damn green day song and i dont want that,.....so like does any1 have advice on how to make heavy riffs.......like metallica......or maybe even some1 like breaking benjamin........just not green day......
Is it a tone or note problem your having? Use some effort when your gonna down-pick palm muting and don't overdo stuff. Keep all the big notes and forget the flashy fill-ins. Also, you need to have a metal "feel" in your head. Imagine the drums to Sad But True are playing in your head or something similar and just accent the start of the riff, while cruising through the end of the bar.
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Minor Scales are used alot... also something to do is just listen to the bands you want to sound like, ALOT. Study their style, and copy it, while blending it in with your own style. If you haven't been playing a long time, that may be a part of it too... if that's the case, then what you'll have to actually try to make it sound like a metal riff... rather than just let if flow out of you... if you're not used to doing it, it generally won't sound the way you want it to, unless you try.
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what kind of metal do you play? If it's death metal then dropping your tuning helps a LOT.

Like someone already said, use minor scales and throw in lots of single note runs. Remember: If you aren't abusing power chords then you aren't sounding like a punk song.
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