YO soon my dad is gonna buy me a mesa triple rectifier head and mesa cabs.

good idea?

if anyone here owns one can u tell me the pros and cons?

since you always will ask,i have influences from eddie van halen,tom delonge(lol ) jimi hendrix randy rhoads(alot) slash, steve vai, leo kottke, srv, malmsteen, batio,jimmy page, eric clapton, eric johson, and many more
Your dad's buying you that? I'm jealous, and I don't even play too much metal. Lucky. That's some seriously good equipment there.
well if your getting a mesa triple halfstack for free, i dont see how thats a bad idea... although there possibly could be an amp that might better suit your styles, im not exactly sure what to say
I agree. Mesa's are very nice amps. If I were you, I would lean more towards the Dual instead of the Triple. With those influences, I might even lean towards a Marshall JMP or Fender Reverb.
High as tits