I just played the Ibanez AGS83B and... Wow... I fell in love. I'm not even a jazz player. That guitar is so not my style, but daaaaamn.

So now my question is, does anyone have any experience with this guitar? What are your opinions towards it?

So, no one eh? Yeah, most of the people on this forum are metalheads anyway. Nothing wrong with that.
Is that not a guitar coming out for '07? If so, nobody will have one. :p
I didn't say they had to have one. I played one and wanted to know everyone else's opinions towars it.
Ah right. Looks, it looks really sweet. Mmm.... looks cool. Specs, maple is really bright so I'm assuming this guitar is a really bright sounding one. How does it play?
Oh man...

It's was sooo weird. I'm like an Explorer (obviously ) man and a metal head but I do play lot's of blues and jazz so I saw it and was like... Wow... I was drawn to it, lol. It was the vintage color not the ugly black. The pups are of medium output and for maple, it is really warm. I was suprised at the warm nature of it because I wasn't expecting it through a maple guitar. I was playing through a Marshall JCM 800 and it sounded stellar. Those inlays are beautiful. It's pearl around abalone. It played real nice too, felt like it would cost a lot more that $400. I'm seriously considering getting it. I'd have to have my tech set it up though because even though it felt nice, nothing compares to your own tailored setup.

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