My computer wont run WOW so i have to resort to lesser, shitty games when i want online play. Does anyone even play anymore? My username is rhcprkrdude if any of u want to add me. I just started yesterday.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
As you may recall a previous thread of mine, which I would not like to bring up, runescape took me over. But now it is the gayest game ever.
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I use to play that obsessively when I was like 13. I'm basically never on anymore but sometimes I go on to mess around when I'm bored. I'm like level 70 something.

My name is Rage Ryan . Yeah it's a gay name but I was 13 and full of teen angst.
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I quit that game years ago..
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Wow. Runescape is TEH gay.

WoW sucks as well.
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I use to play that geeky game, QUIT it is a waste of time and too addicting, play your guitar instead.
i used to play it...i too was sucked into the game for a while...i was about lvl 90 i think...then i got bored at the lack of things to do so i went around screaming my password out in world 1(most popular nonpaying world) and then the next week tried logging in to see if anyone cared and it was gone lol...i laughed a while and was glad.....then i couldnt go back cause i didnt wanna start over...therefore breaking the hold over me...
Every day that I go to the YMCA to workout I see little kids on the computers playing that game. It is in response to this that I have made a personal vow to smack my 8 year old brother silly if he ever tries to play that game.
My sixteen year old friend still plays. It's really amusing.
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i used to play as well. i havent gotten in forever. i was like lvl 75 or something. it was fun while it lasted

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Besides 10 year olds at the public library?

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Besides 10 year olds at the public library?


i play
Play Diablo II. Way better than runescape.
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eh i used to play 5-6 hours a day

but now im down to 3-4

so my answer is yes

GET A LIFE *****!
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