Alright, I am looking at purchasing an acoustic-electric guitar.

Price Rane: $300-550
Made In: Preferebly U.S.A
Weight: Light in weight.
Looking for: A clean, sharp and bright tone.

Have any suggestions? Thanks!

My Main Rig:
☺1998 Gibson Les Paul Studio DC
☺Reverend Rocco(USA)
☺Martin DM
☺Peavey ValveKing 112
☺Dunlop Tortex(1.35Mm) Picks
☺Everly Rockers - .10guage.
☺Martin - .11guage.
☺Too many effects to list.
i doubt that you will find an a/e made in the usa for around that price. maybe if you try ebay or something. you can get a regular acoustic made in here for that price. Good luck hunting.
don't know much about electronics but from what I understand the bes A/E you'll find in that price range is probably an ovation.