I know I'm posting in the pit when this is a guitar gear question, but a lot more people are on this thread than pretty much any other one.

My question is do these Vic Firth headphones seem like a good choice? I want to protect my ears from my loud drummer and my own drumming and beable to have decent response when using them for practicing bass in my house. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money for headphones, and would prefer closed. Also I want to beable to still hear my bass (using my Peavey TNT a 15 inch sub, pretty decent) and not be fighting to hear it while rehearsing with my band.


Feel free to voice what you think because my ears are open for advice in the headphone department.

Thanks in advance.
Free Thinkers are Dangerous
Deffinetly, i need a pair of those when i play drums.

But you dont need those just get a pair from and tool store, belive me you dont need those. Even just ear plugs work if your cheap.
I have used ear plugs that are used by construction workers, but the always irritate my ears somehow and I'm willing to pay $50 or less for a decent, long lasting pair of headphones with good speakers. I saw these drop to the 20hz range, plenty for a bass. I don't need one with 8hz or something considering the average human ear is 17.5hz and up.
Free Thinkers are Dangerous