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Semour Duncan HB-103
1 20%
Dimarzio Evolution
4 80%
Voters: 5.
Hey everyone.

I'm making a guitar and have narrowed my choice of humbuckers down to:

Semour Duncan HB-103


Dimarzio Evolution

What do you suggest? I'm into classic rock (Zep, Van Halen), Blues (Gary Moore, SRV), Classic metal (Priest, Maiden) and shred (Vai, Satch).

Also I was think about making it HSH.

What do you sugest for Single Coil?
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I dont know about single coils, but the Evo's are very responsive pickups. They are perfect for shred and stuff. They handle basically every genre rather well but if you dont have perfect techniques then you may not want them, because they do pick up everything.

The Seymour Duncans are good pickups as well, but with lots of istortion/OD they tend to muddy up a bit for a good shred sound.

I played a JEM the other day, which come with Evo's and it handled every genre I threw at it. Aside from the neck on the guitar which I hated, it had a great sound. But thats just my 2 cents.
Is the HB-103 a Duncan Designed p-up??? I've never played either but I remember I was thinking of buying a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails and on ebay there was a Duncan Designed Hot Rail and it was like 6k ohms or something really weak - the S.D. Hot Rails is 16.9k so I'm not so sure the Duncan Designed p-up are worth anything. I have a SH-4 jb (tb-4) and it retains a lot of clarity w/distortion. But as for the two choices I just don't know about Duncan Designed p-ups.
put in a Fender Vintage for the single coil =]
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