i use the term hippy for lack of a better word. when most people hear the word hippy, they think of the 60s flower child or the pot smoking long haired guy that lives in a van. if this is you, stop thinking that, it is a steriotype. hippies today are basicly just people with a simple peace loving life. if you are hear to trashtalk us for any reason, just dont. if you have constructive criticisim, awsome share it, but no trashtalking. i started this thread so people like me can express our veiws. so post.

anything you want me to add to this, just post it or send me a pm
release the kraken!

this goes in site feedback. but don't bother because it's not going to fly there.

edit: nevermind. i didn't actually read the thread, just the title. don't post this in SF. this is stupid.