I'm contemplating getting new pickups for my Epi LP Special 2...go ahead and laugh, I get it a lot.

I'm thinking about getting a DiMarzio Super 3 Guitar bridge since what I'm playing usually involves a lot of gain/overdrive.

If you have any other suggestions PM me or just add onto the thread

2 words... Bareknuckle Nailbomb.
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2 words... Bareknuckle Nailbomb

Excellent pickup, but it's not really worth buying a pickup that cost more than the guitar...

If you play with lots of distortion just go for the Dimarzio Super Distortion - just make sure that you have a decent amp, otherwise you'll be extremely disappointed by the lack of improvement.
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I'd go with Evolutions. Or if you have a tube amp the X2N's MIGHT be worth a look. Its hard with pickups....your just going to have to do some research until you find what you think sounds good.
I have a Crate FTX30...and it has built in effects so my overdrive pedal doesn't work all that great...is that a good enough amp to use the DM Super Distortion?
I wouldn't bother replacing the pickups, imo. If you bought a decent pickup set, you'd be spending almost as much as the guitar cost. For good pickups, I'd expect to spend about $90 for each (CDN). That's what mine cost each, Seymour Duncan JB and Lace TransBucker.