Would the Roland 60 Cube amp make a good practice amp? Exactly how loud is the amp?

Thanks in advance.
Might be a bit loud for practice. It's a great amp though, my teacher has one and I play through it every week or so. Maybe go for the Cube 30?
Maybe a tad loud for practice purposes. As coke stated, I suggest you get the 30 watter, great practice amp.
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The 30 might also be a bit tad too loud on the distortion channel too.
It's either loud, or soft with bad tone.

The 60 is pretty loud, well, if you want to do some small gigs with it.
For practice, a cube 30 or 20X would do, maybe even a Microcube (slightly less amp models and only one tone knob though). With a 60 you're set for any future band practices or small gigs too though.
I use a 60 for practice...below 1/5 the volume is pretty soft, after you go past 1/5 the volume jumps to band practice/gigging level. It's a perfectly fine practice amp and a great gigging amp...I've used it for 3 gigs (I don't use it now because I own a Mesa Boogie Roadster)
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Yeah, in your case, go for it. Mine sounds pretty warm for a solid state.
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