I'm pretty new to these forums, but I've been playing for 6 years now. I've been shopping around for a new guitar for some time now, and the only one to have caught my eye was the Peavey Rotor EXP.

I do have a few questions concerning this axe before I make any attempt to start saving for it, specifically.

Has anyone here ever actually played one? I've found one at the guitar center website, but my local guitar center doesn't carry one. Or at least I haven't seen it.

Does Peavey make decent guitars to begin with? I'm so used to playing with Fenders and Epiphones...but never a Peavey.

I'm more into metal/rock...do you think this guitar may do me some justice then?


PS...This is it...
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I play one. Its great. The shape took some time getting used to, but it doesn't bother me now.

It has a really nice, warm tone from the mahogany. The pickups are actually quite good aswell for stock ones.

But of course, try before you buy.