So I've been playing guitar casually for about 3 years and only recentyl got really into it. I dont have money to take lessons and all the songs I know are super easy. I mainly only listen to metal music and their guitar parts are usually really hard, so I cant learn those write away. So I guess what I'm asking for is a song or two that are in between being easy and being hard, so a healthy medium. If any of you could do me some help, that'd be real great.
learn no more tears by black label society easy song and is cool ... especially if u know how to pinch harmonic....
What kind of metal?

Nu - Anything from Slipknot is pretty easy. Just be prepared to down tune a whole lot.
Lamb of God - Black Label -> One of their easier songs.

Hardcore - Old Avenged Sevenfold stuff is pretty easy. Learn Unholy Confessions

Thrash - Slayer - Raining Blood -> This is probably the one I would go with. Difficult at first, but actually once you get in down, it's easy and addicting. Except for that stupid crazy part in the beginning after the intro.

Death - Black Dahila Murder - Any song

I guess that should get you started.