ok ive been playing guitar for a while and yesturday i was playing bed of razors by children of bodom gettingit perfect and everything and i play for about 3-5 hours perday and i played my guitar today warmed up and then i was playing it real bad like my fingers kept locking up does anyone get that and no how to stop it
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leave it alone for a while. dont crack your fingers, just massage them. you should feel better in a while

I think cracking your fingers releases some sort of gas in your joint making it easier for your finger to move...
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The cracking sound you hear when you pull on your fingers is caused by the release of negative pressure within the joint. Inside every joint in the body a gooey substance called synovial fluid coats the surfaces of cartilage to protect them. WHen you crack you realease some of that fluid which id co2 and something else

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so you should crack youtr fingers.

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