Hey guys and gals. I currently play a 60th Ann Fender Tele through a Fender Stage 100w (ss).

Now, it's fine and all, but you know how you crazy kids like tubes. Anyway, I've found a Mesa Boogie Maverick 2x12 for sale, brand new, which is amazing seeing they're are out of production.

Any thoughts on this amp for those who have played it, or any other suggestions that might suit my style, which is:

Jeff Buckley (he used a mesa, pretty sure it was a Macerick lol)
The Clash (Mick Jones often used mesas)
Bob Dylan
Ryan Adams

So basically anything from classic rock, punk, countryish, folky cleans, alternative etc.

The Maverick is fine for blues and classic rock sounds with solid cleans. Not a bad buy. I'm not sure what they're asking for that Mesa but I bet it's not cheap.

Another option in the same vein as the Maverick but less spendy is the Peavey Classic 50, which I can wholeheartedly recommend.
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Go for the mesa Maverick if its a good price!! The 2x12 will come in handy and the fact that its a brilliant blues/rock amp makes it better!!
It's actually come down in price from over 4000 AUD to 3,500, which I can afford.

Thanks for your help, anyone else?
buckley used a matchless. i don't know much about the maverick, but i've never been a big mesa fan. i find them too compressed and i feel like one spends an extra couple hundred because it says mesa on it. for the style(s) you mentioned and at the price you're willing to spend, i think you could get a much better amp. if you're sold on the mesa, though, and you like the way it sounds, it should be a fine buy. otherwise, look at orange, traynor, and goodsell amps...maybe even a vintage fender (vibrolux, twin, bassman, or blues junior).
Buckley is playing a mesa, that mighty resembles a maverick, in the Live in Chicago dvd i.e. there is a pic here http://mojopin.org/pages/gear_list.php

Thanks for your help though, I've been looking at some old twin reverbs as well like you suggessted, and I'm not sold on mesas, one just popped up, so your help is appreciated.
lol I've searched that site before and never found anything. Thanks.
I really don't need another amp at the moment anyway, I just have money to burn and a lust for gear. A dangerous combination.
i play heavy ambient/post rock stuff in the vein of Sigur Ros, Isis, and Mono. i actually just downsized slightly. i took out the Philtre and the Magicstomp and put a Boss RV-3 in there.
How did you make that rig diagram on the computer? I just wanted to know cuz i would like to try that.
To me it looks like the amps Buckley used at Live in Chicago was a Fender Vibrolux and a Mesa/Boogie Rectoverb or Tremoverb. Ryan Adams is a big practitioner of the Rickenbacker -> Vox AC30 tradition. I think you'll be happy with the Maverick, a Lone Star (or Lone Star Special), Vox, or Fender tube amp.
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...i don't know why i didn't think of Vox. that'd be really good, too. just make sure you get a UK-made one. they started making them in Korea or Taiwan and skimped on some parts (mainly the speakers). the UK made ones sound a lot better.
Thanks guys, Bloodblooms, I can't believe that is downsized!

I think I'll lay off for a while, but I'll look into Vox and I'm always keen on Fenders.

My biggest problem is I live in the sticks, and the music stores, which are pretty close though, dont stuck a massive range and if they bring it in especially, I'd have to be buying it.
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just make sure you get a UK-made one. they started making them in Korea or Taiwan and skimped on some parts (mainly the speakers). the UK made ones sound a lot better.

Actually, they've started making them in China and I've read that they're fantastic. More reliable than their UK counterparts! Not what you'd expect, which is why it stuck out to me.
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is it China? my mistake. the main issue i'm hearing from people is that the speakers they are installing into their AC model amplifiers now aren't anywhere near as good as the ones that were installed before Vox outsourced. most of the reviews i've read and most of the people i've spoken with lately about buying a Vox have said that the first thing i'd need to do is change the speakers.
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Actually the only bad thing I've heard about Chinese Vox is it's hard to get at some of the tubes to replace them.
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