I'm going to be playing at an open mic night this weekend at a local coffee shop and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for songs that won't make me look like a dick to the chill crowd. I normally play metal but thats pretty much out of the question. I am playing with a guitarist and a keyboardist and we won't have much time to practice so it would be nice if the songs were on the simpler side for now. I was thinking Mad World by gary jules since it has paino in it anyhow and maybe Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. The guitarist has a nice selection of both electric and acoustic axes so that leaves song selection pretty open. Oh yeah I was thinking of ripping out Anesthesia by myself later on after we finish our group thing. Ya think thats a good or bad idea? Songs that the ladies in the place would like are also a plus.
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REM - Everybody Hurts
Couting Crows - Mr Jones
Blink Melon - No Rain
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Blind Melon is definitely a goodun. Counting Crows sounds good too. Thanx.
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ha im listening to mad world. those sound like good songs. been wondering this too
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Writing To Reach You - Travis
Wet Sand - RHCP
Unintended - Muse

Seize The Day by Avenged Sevenfold could sound really good if you have an acoustic, an electric and a keyboardist back them up somehow... Or perhaps not - that one could take some work but it's a really sweet song and can be really mellow too.
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please do not play Anesthesia in a coffee shop man. prople are trying to relax, they dont want to hear ripping distortion and wah. trust me.

Play something nice man. have you heard the version of Numb (linkin Park) by Jamelia? Quality. or how about something by the Editors? All Sparks? Maybe something by The Police?

or....the Ultimate coffee shop song...................... SMELLY CAT

hahaha the chords are just E, A, D on the guitar.
Yeah, or Jack Johnson, or some Dylan, or some Damien Rice.

Although i am just thinking acoustic stuff really..
Or Hot Tuna, esp. their first album. Very laid back, bluesy kind of stuff, very coffee-house appropriate. Very easy to throw together an interesting bass line.

"Sunday morning" by the Velvet Underground is another one that would go well in that atmosphere.
Don't play Pulling Teeth, it's a coffee shop. Whilst they want talent, they don't want it in their face with wah and distortion. Mad World sounds like a good idea, how about Pieces by Sum 41? I don't know. It's an easy song.
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Sweet home Alabama - skynrd
Come together -Beatles
More than a feeling- Boston
Just what i needed - the cars maybe.
Kashmir- Zeppelin
Pink floyd?
The joker -Steve Miller band
STYX ! Mr roboto, come sail away etc. (greatest hits album)
Van halen- Jump


..hot coffee.

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I 2nd for Smelly Cat, lol.
Or something like A Day In The Life by The Beatles.
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really anything by nirvana is pretty chill and should fly at a coffee shop.
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Play the song Coffee Shop by RHCP :P

But honestly, play something kinda relaxed, something not too intense. lol learn all of the stuff that Phoebe from Friends plays. Change the lyrics around, and you've got a great coffee shop song.
Yeah, or Jack Johnson, or some Dylan, or some Damien Rice.

Although i am just thinking acoustic stuff really..

Damn Apple I'm suprised you didn't suggest Karma Police. It's got kind of a chill sound to it and you can pick it up pretty quick. Great song.
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Damn Apple I'm suprised you didn't suggest Karma Police. It's got kind of a chill sound to it and you can pick it up pretty quick. Great song.

I will tell you why....i always assume most people DONT like Radiohead. Apart from my music loving friends, my other mates and people i meet always say it's "depressing", so unless i am with muso's i kind of dont bother. Only cool people understand Radiohead (one of the best bands ever in my opinion).

But yeah, thats a good song man, the first song i learnt on bass too ! Ahhhh, memories

If you can get an Ondes Martenot then you can play How to Disappear Completely. Easy guitar chords, easy bass riff
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^ Radiohead is good music, it IS kind of depresing but sometimes it's kinda therapeutic (raped the grammar) to wallow in your own depression

Depending on your coffeehouse, it could fit in with the "exi-I think deep thoughts--bohemian--espresso--wear only black crowd".

Yes, I love Radiohead, and while their music could be considered depressing, its also really beautiful IMHO.
listening to soul to squeeze by RHCP right now, real mellow with a smooth bassline.

try that acoustically?
You could play some Bedouin Soundclash.. or hell, even some Bob Marley - "I Shot the Sheriff" might be cool.

You could also try Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.
Bob Marley does sound like a good idea- plus i have dreadlocks so maybe the hippy chicks'll start dropping panties- wait they prolly don't wear any. Pulling Teeth suggestion was just a joke to see what people would say about it. Thank all.
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Try some Collective Soul they have some pretty mellow stuff. Also maybe Stranglehold by Ted Nugent.
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bust out some bongo's and do planet caravan im not sure how you'd mix a piano in there though...
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Anything by any number of hippies, like Hendrix, The Who, and The Beatles should work. There's some good .38 Special stuff that's low key that i'm sure wouldn't rile up those caffine lovin' stoners.

Although were is the fun in that, i'm all for you rippin into Anesthesia, i'd pay money to see the looks on everyones faces if you did that.
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Oh also, Oasis has some good songs that lots of people know - Champagne Supernova, Don't Look Back in Anger, Wonderwall, etc.

"Say It Ain't So" by Weezer is a cool song as well.
Get some Bright Eyes on the go

May I suggest the following songs:
The City Has Sex
You Will. You?Will. You? Will. You? Will.
An Attempt To Tip The Scales
A Song To Pass Time
We Are Free Men (Needs two vocalists)

You could also try Music When The Lights Go Out by The Libertines (PM if you can't find it anywhere)
Under The Bridge - RHCP?
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its already been mentioned, but play some blind melon songs, great band with beautiful songs!
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Hotel California would be my pick.. I dont know what the keyboard would do tho..Hmm
day tripper by the beatles...have the vocals notes b the keyboard.
its a sweet song.
my group is doing that song for a project at school in guitar class.
Desiderata by The Human Abstract.
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