I was just wanting some criticism on this song i wrote for my band. There's quite a few kinks and the drums are off and not exactly what i wanted him to do but. I was just wondering if the song has potential or should we just move on to something else...C4C of course.


i dont like the random clicking...and it sounds like armor for sleep....but i do like it
yeah...that clicking was supposed to be rimshots but my drummer wrote that drum part w/o our input...so i didn't know it was gonna sound like that until he put it on myspace...but thanks for the crit
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lol yeh...listened to it again..i like your stuff..message me when u get some more stuff up or mayb lay some vocals down..
I'd say definitely do something with it!! It has great potential. If you have too much trouble with lyrics or arrangements, still don't trash it. Turn it into an instrumental. People don't go much for those today but the song's too good to let die. It would be great with lyrics, but at the same time I could hear this in a movie soundtrack too.
Pretty sick man... the strings add so much more depth to what would only be a very simple song otherwise. Can't wait to hear it developed... out of curiousity, where are you getting the strings from?
really cool man. It has so much depth and meaning without even saying a thing. It's almost hypnotic in the way that it sounds. some crazy bass lines and maybe some deep, soft vocals like some of the new Brandnew stuff. maybe even one line like tautou. i think you could benefit from some grand piano as well. once again, really cool.

if you wanna listen... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=521106
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Worth listening to
the strings that you're hearing is just a guitar with a kind of swell effect on them...made, using a digitech rp80 (i bought it from a pawn shop for 30 bucks to mess around with, but it turned out to be very useful)
this sounds very good I would really listen to it in my free time.
everything is cool exept for the 'Rimshot' and the rythem guitar being too quiet (or lead guitar being too loud)

it screams out for vocals man!
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Not my cup of tea, but i thought it was good for your genre.
Yeah this was pretty awesome. as awesome as something could be without vocals. I like the effect on the guitar too. get a singerrrr.