Hello I recieved a MIM 2006 (serial beings with MJ5) Deluxe Series guitar and I just recently determined that it possibly is a Deluxe Player but it does not have the push button near the tone controls to switch on all three pickups (7 pickup selection). It is white and has a rosewood fretboard with all gold hardware and Vintage Pickup's. It also has the Deluxe Series logo at the top of the head and so I'm just curious if there is any other ways to determine whether or not it is a Deluxe Player without having to take off the Pick Guard because I'm guessing it just has a new pick guard that does not have the whole for the little push selector.
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Well here are some pics from a crappy camera phone sorrry don't have my digi at this time.

p.s.: I'm not sure if I made it clear that the pickups are Vintage Noiseless Pickups.
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Thanks alot right on the money! It was bought at daddy's and it has the same special edition stickers but instead of Milonga I believe they called it "White Gold".

I tried it out once, it seemed to be a pretty nice guitar. How is it though?
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I like it alot =) the cleans are awesome but some people are not so fond of the Vintage Noiseless pickups. But definitly a well built guitar wouldn't even realize it was made in Mexico if it didn't say it on the guitar itself .