i have a v847. its really good for clean. especially for blues and funk. not quite for metal, progressive and vai stuff. i really want my v847 to do some vai tone at the same time can do metal and petrucci stuff but not making the funk, blues tone go away.

so what mods can i do?
true bypass is one.
maybe i turn the mid up?
how about the treble?
what is vocal sweep? can you guys link me some sound samples?
probably ill put some led and dc input.

what you guys recommend? hopefully i could have some vai, satch, petrucci, metal at the same time not letting the good clean tone, blues and funk tone that has been great with the stock v847 gone..

iv been doing the song building the church and it sounds really horrible. so i really need some help..

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v847 is pretty much classic rock. The mods ive seen for it are usually also related to classic rock tones and such, unless ive missed some. For metal you might want to look at some Crybabies or Morleys. what gear do you have?? having the correct guitar amp and pedals will make a big difference. I was never happy with a wah I once had til I used it with a tube amp and a tube screamer....really made the wah come alive!!