So me and my friend were messing around with out guitars
when his cat walks in. Being in the freaky state of mind that
we were, I remember various songs having
almost half semi-cat-ish like guitar noises and I start bending
the high e-string on random frets.
Nothing exciting really happened except the cat got curious,
tried to find the origin of the sound and failed miserably and
left the room.

Have you tried this with any interesting results?
i just strum really hard then mute the strings to make a real loud, sudden noise when its asleep.

really scares the crap out of it.
My cat sort of bobs it head when i play bass. My cat's a bassist so he rocks.
my cats gone deaf since i started to play guitar....i wonder if theres a connection or if her 22 years is finally catching up to her...
my dog is afraid of it, even though he doesn't seem to notice the music... (yeah, i know, cat thread... but my cats died a few years back before i got a guitar)
when they come for me, i'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearin a bullet-proof vest, singin: "my my my how the time does fly, when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night"
When ever I used to playBlack Betty by Ram Jam my cat would freak out and start jumping up and down and flipping out. T'was awesome!
this isn't about a cat, but my dog perks her ears up and looks at my amp funny when i do pinch harmonics, but she's getting used to it now
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My dog goes into hunt mode when I do peacock impressions on my guitar (mix whammy bar with expression pedal wah, works great for bird calls).
When ever I play anything my cat looks at me like "Dude, wtf was that?"
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
i just routed the body out for the new floyd rose im putting in...im thinking of putting an evo in the bridge and paf pro in the neck...would this be okay?
^^ wtf
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cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way
My dog cries out really loud when I play the harmonica. I wonder if that works with cats...
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Give him a break, he listens to Avenged Sevenfold.

lol.. is that bad?
Quote by musical donkey
cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way
lol.. is that bad?

nah... some people just like to think no one else is entitled to an opinion but themselves, and believe that they are always right...
ah.. well i think u posted in the wrong forum cuz what u said had absolutely nothing to do with this forum
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cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way
my dog goes nuts when i play acoustic; he starts leaping around and panting really loud. but if i play electric he just goes and lies against my amp...maybe he likes the vibrations, lol, i dunno
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haha, my jack russel just sits under my drum kit when anyones playing it, he must be deaf by now.

If youre playing electric guitar he will just sit there and bob his head and then close his eyes
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Sometimes I crank the gain and hit all the open strings if my cat is by the amp.

I'm a child, but it's payback for all the times she's glared at me while I was fapping.
Nothing to do with cats but i had mice invade my room a few months back. they decided to set up camp behind my amp (not quite sure why, but they soon regretted it ). turn the volume as high as i dare and alternate pick the E 1st 24th fret as fast as i could. they haven't been seen in my room since :P