I know this is a dumb question, but i need to know.....

how do you play this:


I know its bending, but how do bend 13 to 14, do put both your fingers on 13 and 14 and then bend at the same time or what???

and this too:

--------13b14(13)-------- Whats with the (13), is it a ghost note,so i dont have to play it or what???

pls just dont laugh, i just started playing and haven't got a tutor or anyting, im on my own......
(13) is a goast note.. you dont play it n ---13B14-- is you bending the 13 to the same note as the 14
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Put your finger on the 13th fret, bend it to the pitch of the 14th, or a 1/2 step. The other one's telling you to again bend a 1/2 step up, but then you release the bend. That's how I interpret it at least.