I just recently purchased the Zoom G1 and cannot understand the directions one bit. All I am trying to do is set each foot button to go to a different effect, if thats even possible. Any help is appreciated.


If you wanted to switch between effects in one song, for instance say you were playing You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC and using the patch "Angus Lead" on bank D1, and then wanted to switch to another pre-set for the solo part, what you would do is save the patch you wanted to a location and the other patch one patch after it. For Example, you press the store button on a patch you like (or have modified) and saved it on the patch "A1" save the patch you want to change to during a song to A2, so you have the two patches right next to each other. During the song you press on the foot switch and it will take you to that patch. Hope this made sense, if not i'll try explain again