hi guys been reading the forum for a few months now and decided to sign up today anyway a few things about myself started playing when i was about 14 in many bands from punk music to dance music (faithless stlye) i stoped playing when i was about 20 for 4 years until the summer last year when passing a guitar shop i realised i had half an hour to kill and went inside for a gander when all of a sudden there it was the ibanez agb140 i had to have it and the next day i did so ive been playing again now for around six months mainly working on my fingreing and speed

im currently not in a band and dont think i will join one again as guitar players are the reason i left other bands but arnt they always

i play mainly bluesy and jazz rifs and enjoy a warm sound to my bass i was wondering could any one recomend any pedals i could purchase (dont no anything about them) which would stick to this warm sound if not increase it if not what pedals would you guys recomend for me to experiment with

thanks and sorry for any spelling mistakes its never been my strong point

I'm not a fan of pedals, if I were you I would get a pre-amp. But if you want a pedal that can do everything and not sound entirely like sh*t, then I suggest you get a BP-200, I have one and whenever I get bored with my normal tone I just play around with it for a few weeks then go back to my normal tone. Hmmm, I need to post some distorted Fur Elise to show you the full capabalities. I'll get on that once I get home from school today.
hey, welcome to the forums man..

hqave you tried the Sansamp Bassdriver? it's a tube emulator

warm as you like mate !

or buy a tube amp
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Seconding Applehead, Sansamp is pretty good. They sound alot like the all tube SVT head [SVT-CL]

If you have enough monmey for a rackmounted preamp, I'd go with an Ampeg SVP-CL, it's the all tube preamp of the SVT-CL.

If you have any more questions feel free to pm me, i'm always availible to help.
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cheers guys and thanks for the welcome will check out your recomendations over the next few days as my boss keeps on checking over my shoulder to what im doing oh and any more suggestions are welcome