Ok I just watched Final Fantasy Advent Children (on peekvid.com it's cool has free streaming movies and tv shows) and I was blown away by it. I know it's old enough and this may have been discussed before but I encourage anyone who is as obsessed with final fantasy as I am to watch it. I think I might actually start the game again after that!!
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It is a pretty sweet film. Anyone see that other Final Fantasy film? It was wank.
Yup, its pretty damn good. Kind of like fan service though. The plot wasn't up to much. But the Cloud getting thrown into the sky scene made me cream myself.

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It is a pretty sweet film. Anyone see that other Final Fantasy film? It was wank.

That one about nothing and I payed $8 to see that garbage?
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Advent Children>>>>>>>>>>>Spirits within<<<<<<<<<<<<Huge turd log
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Advent Children is awesome. I saw it in Japanese like a year before it was released here, can't stop watching it. Although I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone who doesn't really know the plot of FFVII, if not they'll probably think it's a load of bullshit. Long story short, Advent Children > Any other movie made
It was bloody awful

Just a load of tripe made to show off how awesome they could make stuff look and to cater for the rabid FF fans who orgasm over this kind of crap

No offence to anyone who liked it though