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22 81%
4 15%
Never had it eh
1 4%
Voters: 27.
I dont know very many people who like chineese food, mainly beacause i live around people who think it's dog meat figuritivly speaking (i know i cant spell well at all) but i just wanted to see how many people like chineese food, so do you?
man, being chinese, i eat chinese everyday.. and still i quite like it. it's prolly the best food i know.. no wait.. i prefer steaks and mash potatoes to chicken and rice anyday. so westen's tops for me
I do. Dogs and cats is food for aristocratic chinese people, i don't think it's served in restaurants
Nay. It's never done anything for me.
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i love it
i dont get it often here, but its freaking delicious.
Nay. Sometimes it can be done well, but most of the time it's not.

I guess it's because my parents are awesome cooks so I usually don't like take-out food or anything.
almond chicken makes me mangasm
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My friends and I go to the local Chinese Buffet (Bon Orient) every sunday.
God I ****ing love Crab Rangoon.
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Yao Yao
It's almost as good as KFC.
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