Hi folks.

I own an Epiphone Les paul custom (just recently fitted some sperzel locking tuners).

My problem is that no matter how i move the saddles on the bridge the difference between playing the harmonic at the 12th and playing the 12th will not change.

I had the tuners fitted a couple of days ago, surely these have not been a waste of money... I've unlocked the tuners to sort it out, tuned down the string and took it off the saddle, then fiddled with it and then tuned again. Everything minus the G string is fine, but I can't get this B****** string to tune in properly with out it sounding so obviously out of tune. The string isn't binding at the nut - would you believe I have been playing 14 years and still haven't learned to tune and intonate the guitar properly?

I have a gig tomorrow to play and this is going to let me down and I would have spent £70 on tuners and no difference has been made whatsoever.

If anyone has any advice, anything, please reply - I am grateful for any help on this.#

Is to too much to ask for the guitar, just ONCE to sound like it's in tune?

A mightly pissed off Steve
G string - I can tune it fine, it's just as you play the notes further up the fret board ON the G string the notes get sharper, which means there is an intonation problem - the thing is no matter how I set the intoation it doesn't change anything for love nor money!!!!

Don't worry, those tuners weren't a waste of your money, coz there's nothing wrong with them. Try taking a look at this PDF, it has info about changing the intonation on almost every Epiphone (except mine which has the same problem as yours).
Go get a pro setup. Amazing things can be done in the right hands of a pro.
Quote by demea
Go get a pro setup. Amazing things can be done in the right hands of a pro.

Well the tuners were fitted by a guy in the shop - setting the intonation was one of the other things I'd asked him to do - along with some new Elixir 9's.

They also set up my Strat, I have no problems with that and when I fiddle the intonation on that I notice a difference when changing it.

Would it be worth looking at getting a new bridge or something like that?

Thanks for all your replies - I feel like an amateur right now and don't feel like doing this gig at the moment either! LOL

Well, having sat with it all afternoon, fiddling with this that and the other, I'm still nowhere with this

The intonation on all the other strings is perfect, the tuning of all the other strings is perfect, the G string isn't - and no matter what I do to change the intonation nothing makes a blind bit of difference.

I am gonna take back to the shop tomorrow but then I ask myself is it worth paying an extra tenner for someone to look at it and then it all goes to **** again? Is it a problem with Epiphone Les Paul customs??

I am really pulling my hair out here! :S